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Nutrition, Immune Support, and Vaccines
....and why it's important to talk about!!

Let me begin by saying: I am not a vet, so please continue to do your own research. I have taken the time to write this information for everyone, and I would appreciate everyone take the time to read this page in entirety. I'm glad you are visiting this page, and if you have any questions, please email them here: 

The health and foundation lies within our Bengals, and starts with the basics of what they are fed. We strive to continually advance our education by studying genetics, nutrition, vitamins, vaccines, and a big one- IMMUNE SUPPORT. We have over 15 years involved with the fundamentals of nutrition, vaccines, and immune systems. Compare that to the average 6 months of nutrition study of what a veterinarian may receive in vet school. 

At the beginning of our journey in 2001, we met a Veterinarian through the purchase of one of our dogs. It was advised to us, that the raw diet and NO VACCINES was not only beneficial to our cats, it would save us many generations down the road. The initial cost of putting in, would get us a greater return in the end, meaning many more healthy years with our pet. Over time, we have adjusted our program, and we will continue to do so as information and EXPERIENCE provides us. It was in 2001, that this journey of breeding and health, began for us. <3 

We are "BREEDERS", not someone who "just breeds cats". There is a difference, and let me explain why. First of all, a BREEDER is someone who is dedicated to the advancement of their breed, and someone who is actively involved with the health and welfare. In order for any of that to take place, you first need to have healthy Bengals, or be striving in that direction. Realize, when breeding as a "whole", things are, and do get sacrificed. The better Bengals on "paper", tend to have more health problems. That is a fact. In my own personal effort to breed Bengals close to the breed standard, I DO take health very seriously. I have kept generations of Bengals from my own breeding program. I do not breed for the sole purpose to breed Bengals to sell. I breed for MYSELF first and foremost. I am probably like you, I want a Bengal, number one to be- healthy. Second, I want my Bengal to be an excellent example of the breed. I don't want to be questioned what breed my Bengal is, when it clearly epitomizes the breed standard. Yes, I get that once in a while, and why do I get that- because the "normal" is for purebred Bengals to not even be well examples of the breed. Lastly, I want to breed Bengal that are physically and mentally strong and stable, and able to perform a task suitable for them, companionship.

So I'm off topic a little. My passion for success tends to pull me in many directions, but one direction I simply cannot deny is health. So back to health. The health of a Bengal in a breeding program is needed in order to produce a healthy kitten. That is the foundation of a genetic disposition. Let me stress, that while genetics lay the foundation of the next generation, it does not guarantee that this may or this may not happen. It is absolutely imperative, that the future generation (possibly your Bengal kitten from us) is fed the highest quality food or even better- Organic Raw Meats. The next step is to have kept them on an Immune System Builder, such as NuVet Plus. Next, I would say the next important thing you can do for your Bengal, is proper exercise. Maybe you have been around Bengals, maybe you have not. This is an amazing breed to be owned by. However, proper exercise and socializing will go hand in hand, and you will value the training you begun from the day your brought your Bengal home. Exercise, training, and SOCIALIZATION will make your Bengal happy, and in the end, make a very happy owner. Together you will be in harmony. 

So you see, there is more to than "just buying a Bengal kitten". It starts with a breeder who evaluates their Bengals in all areas, and lays a foundation for the next generation. The next generation could possibly be your next best friend. Why stop at the expense of buying the Bengal? Why not continue to do everything in your power to raise and nurture a well balanced, socially accepted, healthy best friend? Don't let the purchase price be the end of what you are about to begin. Let it be the start of commitment to your Bengal, commitment to yourself, and commitment to continually learn better ways to provide to your friend. 

Some key elements I would like to point out in helping you learn, then you decide how you would like to provide for your new friend:

  •  Nutrition You can start a search if you haven't done so already, by visiting this website to see where a current dog food you are already feeding falls into as far as nutrition, or foods that may have been suggested or recommended to you. However, don't be fooled, many foods out there now support the feeding of fruits and vegetables as where before, it was grain. Seriously? Feed fruits and vegetables to carnivorous? Do the math. Not species appropriate. We feed Fresh Raw Meat and Abady to all our Bengals and raise our kittens onto Raw meat, Goats Milk, and Abady's complete canned food. We recommend you look around their website to see why this is the best food available if you need an already prepared food. -If you become approved to acquire a kitten from us, we do require you to feed a special diet (organic is best), as part of our health guarantee.

  •  Immune Support We provide all our dogs and puppies (even our cats!) NuVet Plus Vitamins for Immune System Building suport. NuVet contains a proprietary blend of essential vitamins and amino acids, along with pre probiotics. (See more info below regarding NuVet Plus and Joint) - Another essential part of our health guarantee and contract. 

  • Vaccines We follow Dr. Jean Dodds 2013-2014 "Core" Vaccine Protocol. This is another hot topic, and unless you work with a holistic veterinarian, you will probably find yourself butting your head against a wall regarding this issue. We only place kittens to who will also hold this standard of vaccinating as high as we do. Some exceptions can be made based upon the area in which you live in, but be sure to discuss this with us before you further pursue your interest in one of our Bengals. 

  • Chemicals Many times I am asked how I keep my pets Flea and Tick Free. What chemicals I use. The answer is, I don't! The key is keeping your pet healthy from the inside, making him/her an undesirable host for pests. Having a completely healthy animal does not mean he or she isn't capable of picking up pests. It simply means you do not need to use monthly chemicals. What I do recommend, besides starting within and building the immune system, is if you do find a problem with fleas/ticks, start by giving your dog a simple bath in "Murphy's Oil Soap". Let this sit on for 15 minutes, and rinse off. After your pet is clean, remove him from your home, and let's get your home under control. If you only found 1 or 2 fleas on your pet, you can most likely do a good cleaning inside, vacuum, wash floors in Murphy's Oil Soap, and spray down baseboards. Wash insides of sleeping areas, and wash all your animal's bedding. If you find yourself with what you feel may be an infestation, contact me, and I will provide you with a tried and true way of getting the pests gone from your home and yard. Don't let vets back you into a corner, and scare you with vaccines, antibiotics, and the fear of monthly flea/tick, that you probably don't need, especially if your cats are kept indoors. 

  • Veterinarians Let me start by saying, I love my current veterinarian. In 2009, I had 10 dogs contract parvo. I saved 9 dogs, and my last one I lost due to complications from the virus. My veterinarian gave me the keys to the clinic 2 nights in a row, and let me SLEEP at the clinic with my very sick dog. While I didn't sleep, it was an honor to not only be entrusted with keys to the clinic, but it was the honor of my vet of knowing the importance and value of the illness of my friend. With all of that said, we do not agree on 2 "important to me" things. Vaccines and Nutrition. I follow Dr. Jean Dodds vaccine protocol and follow nutrition guidelines done through study, and more importantly, PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Here are 2 links to help you get started. Rabies Challenge Fund and Vaccinosis . Don't let your vet back you into a corner regarding the health and welfare of your animal. It's ok to disagree. If you are unsure or uncomfortable, go home and do some reading. Contact Me. Get as much information as you can, and talk to someone with EXPERIENCE. I can't stress that enough. When it doubt, find a Holisitic Veterinarian. Locate one in your area here: Holistic Vets in my Area

  • Declawing is dangerous and cruel on many levels. Please view this link and video to be educated and see for yourself. Dangers of Declawing

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I will add more information and experience as time allows, or as I get the inspiration to write. As always, if you have any questions, please email me: or it may best to reach me by phone: 417-948-2028