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Please submit a Pre-Purchase Questionnaire to be considered for a kitten, and to learn about getting onto our waiting list. Early reservations highly recommended. 

Our kittens are HIGHLY socialized with dogs (German Shepherds and Miniature Dachshunds), as well as non related cats, and a bird. They are raised entirely in our busy home, in a very loving, cat crazy environment. 

All kittens are sold with TICA registration and on a non-breeding agreement, unless otherwise noted. Pet prices: SBT Kittens start at $1500 and Early Generation Kittens $2000/up, with a written contract and guarantee. or 417-948-2028 
for any questions

Pictures, videos, and updates posted almost daily to our Facebook page, Bewild Bengals & Exotics 

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You can also reach us at 417-948-2028 
If your interested in a Bengal from us, please submit a Pre-Purchase Questionnaire so we can better assist you! 

Pre-Purchase Questionnaire
This page was last updated: April 5, 2018
All kittens come with a current vet check, health guarantee, contract, Microchip, Dr. Dodds core vaccination protocol started, NuVet vitamin starter pack, and kittens fed a species appropriate diet! 

Shipping and personal hand delivery is available for kittens! 

 Email for more info! 
Upcoming Litters!

* * Please submit a Questionnaire to be considered for a kitten ** 

Exotic Brown Spotted Bengal Kittens SBT and Early Generation

Litter Plans 2018

Lenart x Envy - Summer 2018

Lenart x F1 Palanga - Fall 2018 

Pictures, videos, and updates posted almost daily to our Facebook page, Bewild Bengals & Exotics 
Kittens produced at: 

Our kittens are individually evaluated and priced accordingly. Those that meet the Bengal standard, have the best markings, pattern, coloration and conformation, are our top quality kittens and therefore, are the most expensive. Kittens go through many stages as they develop, so we are continually re-evaluating them as they grow. Therefore we reserve the right to re-assess and price accordingly.  

Once someone has placed a deposit on a *priced* kitten however, the price is locked in on that kitten and the price will not increase.  

* Pet SBT Kittens are $1200 and Early Generation Bengal kittens are $1500 & up. A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your pet kitten and an additional $300 is required once your kitten has been selected. Total deposit $500, which is applied to the total cost of the kitten.

Deposits are required to hold a cat/kitten for a buyer, no kittens are held without a deposit. After your deposit is placed we are holding the kitten for you, and no one else can purchase the said cat/kitten. All deposits are non-refundable. 

Our main goal is to place our cat/kittens in loving homes. 

Therefore we reserve the right to refuse sale to any party at any point during the adoption process.