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Long time Bengal lover and owner. In 1995, at 17 years old, my parents gave me the option of buying me my first car, or buying me a Bengal cat. I chose the Bengal cat. :) 15 years of sheer enjoyment with my neutered Bengal "Walter", and now 21 years being involved with this beautiful breed, has brought me to now where I am building my foundation of Bengals to start and build a breeding program. My love for this breed is very deep, and my goals are to produce exotic, healthy kittens of great temperament. Not only do I build this passion off of love of the Bengal breed, I also build from the passion of breeding German Shepherds and Miniature Dachshunds since 2001, and being involved with horses; most specifically Arabians and European Warmbloods. Our first litter of Bengal kittens was produced in 2015.

At this time we do not offer kittens to breeders. It is in our opinion, that we must first establish ourselves as successful Bengal breeders, and know the quality and type we are producing before we can faithfully place a kitten for show and breeding. We have invested a great deal into our Bengal breeding program, acquiring some of the best bloodlines from around the world, and we feel it would be a detriment to the breed and the breeders who have worked so hard to establish their own bloodline. Once we have been successful in our own goals as Bengal breeders, and have created our own line based upon our likes and dislikes, weaknesses and strong points, health and longevity; we will then offer quality kittens for show and breeding. We will always offer quality kittens to loving homes as pets. 

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